Atletico Madrid president criticised Cristiano Ronaldo

Atletico Madrid president has defender Diego Simeone’s controversial goal celebration against Juventus and criticised Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘particular character’.

Ronaldo continually mocked Atleti for not winning any Champions League titles compared to his five, while Simeone’s actions were controversial when grabbing his crotch during a goal celebration.

“Simeone? I didn’t pay much attention to his gesture. It happened at a moment of great tension. I understand it and don’t condemn it.

“I deem it necessary to affirm that ‘cholismo’ is everything for Atletico Madrid. Another small clarification is: Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t won five Champions Leagues at all, only three; he didn’t really win the other two against Atletico…

“Atletico and Spanish fans have already responded to Cristiano for his gesture. He’s a magnificent player, but he has a particular character.

“Atletico have the dream and enthusiasm of reaching the Final, even though the path is very long. We’ll work hard to achieve this very difficult objective.

“VAR? It depends on which team it’s applied to. Personally I’ve been saying for some time that I don’t like at all, and I’ll continue to say it.

“Godin? He’s an Atletico player and we’ll see what happens at the end of the season. Bonucci? Every player has their own way of playing and for me, Bonucci has a particular one.

“Usually it’s not the defender who throws themselves to the ground but the attack. Yesterday the opposite happened.”

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