Sergio Ramos: ‘Panenka penalty is my individuality’

Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos has revealed his Panenka-style penalty is his way of ‘expressing my individuality’ and his ‘confidence and happiness’.

The Spain international netted twice for Los Blancos against Girona on Thursday including one chipped penalty down the middle of the goal in a 4-2 Copa del Rey win.

“It is my way of expressing my individuality,” Ramos told reporters, as cited by Marca.

“Right now I feel really good both personally and professionally, so when I am taking penalties in this fashion it is an expression of my confidence and happiness.

“I cannot get used to taking penalties like this though because goalkeepers will become wise to it, so I will need to start choosing one side or the other!

“The tie is still in the balance and we wanted a clean sheet from tonight but we have conceded twice, so they still have a big chance.

“Girona have already knocked out Atletico Madrid against whom they scored three goals in one match, but this is an important step to finishing off the second leg.”

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