Jose Mourinho on Real Madrid: ‘A lie is a lie’

Jose Mourinho has reflected upon his spell with Real Madrid and insists his three-year stint in the Spanish capital was a success.

The Portuguese Coach led Los Blancos to the 2012 La Liga title along with a Copa del Rey title during his tenure at the club between 2010 and 2013.

“People sometimes forget (the good times) because the Champions League is worldwide,” Mourinho told BeIn Sports during an interview.

“But we won the Spanish Copa and La Liga with a record 100 points, to get 100 points you need to win matches – a lot of matches – and (we finished with) the record for goals scored.

“And when people tell a lie many times – some people think it's true but it's a lie – you can tell a lie one thousand times but it's still a lie.

“With Madrid, we have the record for goals scored in Spanish football.”

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