Female reporter defends Atletico Madrid president Enrique Cerezo

Female reporter Cristina Garcia Tirado has downplayed a sexist comment made towards her by Atletico Madrid president Enrique Cerezo.

Garcia insisted that Cerezo was ‘a gentleman’ who ‘tries to make people smile’ and insisted the comment was out of keeping with his usual approach.

On Tuesday, the Atleti supremo told the Cuatro reporter: “To be sincere I don't like to speak about money because it is uncivilized, and even less so with a woman.”

Garcia responded to Reuters by saying: “It was an unfortunate moment from the president, but normally he is very respectful towards me.

“I think it was a lapse and he didn't think about his answer. He has always treated me very kindly.

“It's true that sometimes he says things and makes jokes without thinking about the consequences, but he does not want to cause any harm, he always wants to make everyone smile.”

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