Football Leaks: Sergio Ramos ‘ignored anti-doping rules’

Sergio Ramos is at the centre of more controversy as Football Leaks claims the Real Madrid defender breached anti-doping protocol a second time.

German newspaper Der Spiegel has published part of a report filed by the doping control officer for Madrid’s 2-1 win at Malaga in April, which Ramos played in full.

The report explains how the 32-year-old ignored the unnamed officer’s warnings that he was skipping protocol, while the excerpt was included in an alleged document sent to Los Blancos by the Spanish Anti-Doping Agency (AEPSAD), dated September 21.

“The sportsman Sergio Ramos asked me if he could take a shower before doing a urine test while his team were waiting to fly back to Madrid,” the officer is quoted as saying.

“I told him the AEPSAD regulations didn’t allow it and that he couldn’t take one. The sportsman expressed his disagreement with Real Madrid’s team doctor.

“They told me that [Madrid’s players] were allowed to shower alone in UEFA matches and even those in La Liga.

“I replied I didn’t know (they were left alone for League matches) and that, even if it had been the case, which I don’t believe, I couldn’t give him permission to shower.

“The player ignored my warnings and he showered (in my presence) in the control room of Malaga’s stadium.

“I informed him that it would be reflected in the corresponding report, to which he didn’t give any importance.”

The document also recalls article 77.2 of the regulation, which expressly states that ‘in the event that the collection of samples is for urine, the person from the Sample Collection Team accompanying the sportsperson must prohibit them from showering, bathing or urinating.”

The Madrid captain’s attitude was also criticised in the report, namely for ‘obstructing part of the doping control procedures’. 

In response to the Football Leaks scoop, AEPSAD said in a statement: “AEPSAD only opens disciplinary proceedings when it has sufficient evidence or evidence of a possible anti-doping rule violation.”

It comes just two days after Ramos was accused of doping before the 2017 Champions League Final but went unpunished.

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