Barcelona CEO: ‘Club will consider La Liga games in China’

Barcelona CEO Oscar Grau has not ruled out the club giving their backing to playing La Liga games in China in future years.

Grau and the club have given their backing to playing their league game against Girona in Miami this season and want to play future league games away from Spain.

“La Liga put the hour of the matches, that’s why we play earlier at 1pm in Madrid,” Grau told the South Morning China Post.

“It never happened before in Spain but we are thinking globally. New markets, new territories, we have to adapt.

“It’s not a problem for us the change of hours. It’s just a habit. We prefer we have a good audience.

“Playing in Miami? I think this year will be difficult. If we have more time…if the opportunity for one match in the US then why not in China in the future?

“Since the beginning Barcelona supported this project. It’s good for the brand of La Liga, for the brand of Barca. We can reach more fans, for potential sponsors, for the potential TV rights.

“It’s just one match from 380. We can accept it. But since the first minute, we say, we need to do it in harmony. We need all the stakeholders to agree on the proposal.”