Javier Tebas: Girona-Barcelona in Miami ‘83% likely’, Football Leaks…

La Liga chief Javier Tebas says Girona-Barcelona is ’83 percent likely’ to be played in Miami and that Paris Saint-Germain ‘will be punished by 90%’.

La Liga took out several adverts in the Miami Herald to campaign for the city to host January 27’s mini-Catalan derby, while Tebas’ long-time accusations that PSG and Manchester City had committed ‘financial doping’ were recently echoed by Football Leaks.

“It’s 83 percent likely to happen,” he told reporters at a book launch.

“No-one has given me any document that says otherwise, neither the RFEF nor any international or world organisation. We’ll try to get the ‘yes’.

“They haven’t answered us but we’ll keep working until they give us an official ‘no’.

“I think the advertising in the Miami Herald was perfect. You have to see the desire they have in the US for the game to be played there.

“Right now La Liga is more famous there for that match than some of the results at the weekend.

“Football Leaks? That’s what we reported two years ago, when some people called me crazy.

“You don’t need Football Leaks to verify it. You only need to look at the accounts of both clubs to see that they practice financial doping with inflated sponsorships. It’s not possible.

“The corresponding measures must be taken and the files reopened. I think PSG will be punished by 90%.”

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