FIFA’s Gianni Infantino: No World Cups for Super League stars

FIFA chief Gianni Infantino has warned those thinking about playing in a potential Super League that they would be banned from World Cups.

A scoop by Football Leaks claimed Real Madrid and Barcelona were among the clubs secretly negotiating the formation of a Super League, with Atletico Madrid one of five ‘initial guests’ to complete the 16-team division.

“Either you are in or you are out. This includes everything,” Infantino told reporters, listing the World Cup, European Championship and national Leagues as competitions that players belonging to breakaway sides could be excluded from.

“The Club World Cup is the answer to any attempt to even think about any sort of breakaway Leagues.

“If the price to pay is to give proper revenues to a club participating in a Club World Cup but this allows us to … give $1m to Haiti who has nothing, or to Mongolia who has three time zones but only two football pitches, well then we should be I think doing that.

“People are still quite reasonable. I trust certainly the club owners and presidents to be able to have a discussion.”

The President’s idea for a revised Club World Cup potentially features at least 12 European clubs in a 24-team line-up, promising $3bn every four years.

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