Report: La Liga to take FIFA to court over Girona-Barcelona

La Liga will reportedly take FIFA to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) after it declared Girona-Barcelona could not be played in the US.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino ‘denied any permit’ for Miami to host the January 26 fixture, but AS claims Liga counterpart Javier Tebas will go to CAS once FIFA discloses its decision on the matter formally.

The newspaper explains La Liga’s argument is that while FIFA’s opinion is important, it is not binding, as is the case with the Spanish’ players union (AFE).

For the game to be played in the US, the League needs permits from the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), USSF, CONCAFAF, UEFA and not FIFA.

FIFA’s own regulation reads: “Regardless of the authorisation powers specified by the FIFA Regulations Governing International Matches, this entity may make the final decision on the authorisation of an international match or competition.”

On the other hand, if La Liga obtains permission from the RFEF – which remains against the proposal – 21 days before the game, ‘the teams must send permits to the member association in whose territory the match is scheduled [USSF].’

“This must be submitted to the host confederation [CONCACAF] for the final request, which will include all authorisations at least 14 days before the proposed date… After confirming the authorisation, the host confederation [CONCACAF] must notify the game to the host association [USSF], FIFA and the non-host confederation [UEFA].

On that basis, AS concludes FIFA would be able to pass judgment on authorisation for the match to go ahead in Miami but not have the power to give or deny any.

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