Spanish FA: No La Liga matches in the United States

Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales has reiterated his organisation will formally oppose any plans by La Liga to play matches abroad.

The league’s president Javier Tebas has threatened to take the issue to court but alongside a number of other governing bodies, the Spanish FA are against the controversial move.

“They require a number of green lights and none of those bodies have said yes,” Rubiales said in an interview with Diario Sport.

“FIFA and (their president, Gianni) Infantino have opposed it, UEFA have not said yet, nor have others such as CONCACAF nor the United States.

“It requires the support of these institutions and none of them have said yes, so it would point that it is unlikely to happen.

“We hold our stance because we support the integrity of the league and when I played for Levante, a draw at home to Barcelona maintained our top-flight status.

“This is why we will not support the move, because the balance of the division will be disrupted and it will not be fair.”

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