Luciano Spalletti: Spanish sides think faster than Italians

Inter Coach Luciano Spalletti has described Spanish sides as ‘moving the ball quicker’ and ‘thinking faster’ than their Italian counterparts.

Speaking after the Nerazzurri’s two-goal defeat at Barcelona on Wednesday night, the Coach hailed Spanish sides for being more reactive and thinking outside the box.

“I think there is a difference with the Spanish sides, as they move the ball quicker, they think faster, are more reactive when a situation changes; you have to look beyond what you can see,” Spalletti told Sky Sport Italia after the game.

“If we can’t get past their initial pressure and take control of the gap left behind, clearly it becomes very difficult. We didn’t pass the ball properly, we were unable to elude their pressing and were always under pressure.

“In the first half, the idea we gave was of being pathetic and put under pressure.

“That’s what disappoints me the most, as we fought so hard to get here and I expected us to have the same attitude in the biggest game, but instead we weren’t courageous in our passing when we got it back, we never kept it cleanly, and Barcelona interpreted it well.

“I don’t like this attitude of feeling ‘poor things, they started to gain some courage as time wore on,’ because that is not something anyone wants to hear.

“When we won back the ball, we never managed to keep it, that’s the main problem. You have to pass it around to create the spaces to play in. If we win back the ball, don’t understand what we’re trying to do, then clearly Barcelona have the advantage.

“When they have the ball, they move it side to side, up and down, tiring you out. We should’ve won the ball back more often and kept it clean to put Barcelona under pressure.

“You can’t come here to counter and leave them the initiative for 90 minutes, because you won’t make your mark that way.”

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