Barcelona midfielder Arturo Vidal fined €800k over assault charge

Barcelona midfielder Arturo Vidal has been fined €800k by a Munich court following a charge of aggravated battery.

A report in Sport Bild, as cited by Marca, outlined how the 31-year-old was part of a group in September 2017 who are said to have attacked another guest at Crown's Club with a three-litre bottle of vodka.

Another of the group was the Chilean’s half-brother Sandrino, was fined €20k for involvement in the incident which left the victim with a laceration and concussion.

“Nobody ever apologised to me,” said the victim ‘Mehmet E.’ to Merkur, as cited by the report.

The public prosecution charge could have landed the pair with a jail term between three months and 10 years, but a sentence under two years could be suspended.

Vidal’s father-in-law, also involved in the incident, was fined €41k for his part in the incident.

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