Real Madrid outline ‘total opposition’ to La Liga’s US plans

Real Madrid have formally submitted a letter outlining their opposition to La Liga’s plans to play matches in the United States.

The league is intending to play the scheduled January clash between Girona and Barcelona in Miami despite opposition from a number of governing bodies such as the Spanish FA and FIFA.

Madrid’s letter details their stance and they believe that is fundamentally unfair as it challenges ‘the integrity and the equality of the competition’, while president Florentino Perez (pictured) has previously spoken of his 'outright opposition'.

“First of all we would like to declare that Real Madrid were never informed that La Liga had requested to play the game nor of the intention to make the request, and we were never asked our opinion on it,” reads Madrid’s letter, as signed by the club’s Director General Jose Angel Sanchez and carried by Reuters.

“Nor, obviously, did La Liga obtain Real Madrid’s agreement, despite the fact that this game affects a competition in which we participate.

“We cannot forget that the national league is a competition in which 20 teams participate, not two, and that it is fundamental that every team plays each other twice, home and away and at each stadium, as that guarantees the integrity and the equality of the competition.

“As a consequence, Real Madrid manifests its opposition to the request made to play the game at the Hard Rock stadium in Miami as it affects the integrity and equality of the competition.”

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