Barcelona defender Gerard Pique: People want to see me fail

Gerard Pique claims ‘there are many people who have it in for me’ after his mistake led to Valencia drawing 1-1 with Barcelona on Sunday.

“I feel very good physically,” the defender said after the game.

“It’s true that against I made a very serious mistake, but I’m fine. There are many people waiting for me, who have it in for me, and it’s fashionable that every time we concede a goal, it’s Pique’s fault.

“There are a lot of people, not only in Madrid but also in Barcelona. I’ve been very critical of the Press at times and there are people who have it in for me.

“Still, it’s understandable and part of the game. Let them take advantage, come out of the woodwork and enjoy the sun a bit because, obviously, things will change.”

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