Celta ‘to move out of Vigo within a decade’

Celta Vigo could be forced to leave the city ‘within a decade’ according to club president Carlos Mourino: “It would be within the interest of the club.”

Their Balaidos stadium is owned by the local council and despite the club making attempts to buy it, the move has not been successful.

The club also face sanctions for their lighting situation at the ground, with Mourinho expressing frustration that the club will face punishment due to the lack of action.

“I know this will not be popular, but I believe we will be playing outside Vigo within a decade,” Mourino told reporters, as cited by club media.

“Of course, this will not be an easy decision and it will be done with a heavy heart but it would be in the best interests of the club to do this.

“This season, we have been told that we may have to play a game behind closed doors or even lose points because of the floodlights situation.

“We have tried to rectify this but there have been no improvements.”