Luis Enrique insists Spain style will ‘evolve’

Spain boss Luis Enrique insists there is no need to ditch their passing style of play and instead has spoken of the need to ‘evolve’.

Enrique has a reputation for a more direct style of play than is traditional in recent years for La Roja but has rejected the need for mass change.

“There is no need to change the style with which we have been World Cup champions in South Africa and two-time European Champions,” Enrique told

“It has been an efficient and offensive style of attacking, and with good pressure after losing the ball.

“We are trying to evolve and improve it because when you manage to win world titles you are all copied and studied so opposition teams are able to find many solutions and that poses many problems.

“I pay much more attention to everything we have to work at the offensive level, but not to being more direct.

“Being direct or not depends on where the space is and where the opponent is pressing, depending on where the space is, you have to take advantage of it and look for solutions.

“It isn't the same when a team that presses you high or a team that is defending in their area.”

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