Ronaldo wants to make Real Valladolid an ‘international club’

Club president Ronaldo Nazario wants to take Real Valladolid from being a regional Spanish club into one which is internationally recognized.

The former Brazil international striker was announced as the newly-promoted club’s chief last month and he has spoken of his long-term project at the club.

“I have only bought the business side of the club, not its history or the feelings of its fan base,” Ronaldo told the World Football Summit in Madrid.

“There is a lot of responsibility for my role and I am aware of this, I need to manage expectations and convey that this is a long-term aim and there are no overnight fixes.

“Our ultimate goal is to take Valladolid from being a regional club to one which has is recognized internationally and can expand into a major player.

“We want to have a central office in Madrid, we want to bring people to Valladolid, to see the team play, to enjoy the city and taste some of the world’s best wine.”

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