La Liga ‘moving’ from football to entertainment – spokesperson

La Liga is ‘changing’ from ‘being a football regular into an entertainment provider’ as they seek to move matches abroad.

Under president Javier Tebas, the Spanish top flight has struck a 15-year deal with Relevent Sports to play matches in the US while it has also stated it wants to move games to Mexico.

The league is also keen on bringing Ecuadorian top flight matches to Spain, which has a high population of emigration from the South American nation.

However, such plans have been met with disapproval by a number of senior figures in organisations which can veto the move.

Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales and FIFA head Gianni Infantino are among the powerful individual to oppose the plans.

“We are building our global brand… moving forwards and changing from being a football regulator into an entertainment provider,” Joris Evers, global communications officer for La Liga, is reported as saying by BBC Sport.

“They are looking to discover new markets, to make sure we know about different markets, to look for opportunities and also to be aware of potential threats.

“The role the delegates have is unique, as every potential market – Hungary, Chile, Costa Rica, Russia, Vietnam, Malaysia – is different.

“Their roles cover business development – things like opening academies, securing sponsorship, TV deals – and also being a resource on the ground for our clubs.”

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