Eusebio Sacristan: Anything is possible…

Eusebio Sacristan accepts ‘it’s very difficult to hurt Barcelona’ but warns ‘anything is possible in football and Girona have some great players.’

Girona were thrashed 6-1 the last time they travelled to Camp Nou but face Barca on the back of successive wins against Villarreal and Celta Vigo.

“It’s very difficult to hurt Barca, but anything is possible in football,” the Coach and former Blaugrana man said at a Press conference.

“It’ll be very difficult to score because of how strong they are, but we’ll try. We must be clear on our strengths, make the most of them and go to Camp Nou with determination.

“We’ll certainly have our chances, so we have to go to Camp Nou with confidence, hope, calmness and bravery.

“We have to stay in the same line as our last two games. We have some great players. It’s no coincidence that Girona are where they are.”

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