RFEF vetoes Girona-Barcelona in Miami

The Spanish FA has vetoed La Liga’s plans for the January fixture between Girona and Barcelona to be played in Miami.

The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) sent a letter to La Liga President Javier Tebas on Friday, explaining it was not prepared to give the green light on the grounds of ‘integrity, sporting principles and possible imbalances’.

Later that evening, RFEF chief Luis Rubiales spoke at a gathering in Valencia to clarify the decision taken.

“We’ve asked for a legal report and as of today, the Montilivi game can’t be played in Miami,” he said.

“The Federation’s decision is in line with the position recently expressed by Infantino. Obviously, we’re in contact with international organisations who support the same thesis.

“It’s also categorically false that La Liga requested a meeting with the RFEF. I don’t know why Tebas said he was going to see us.”

Responding to Rubiales, Tebas wrote on Twitter: “Has Rubiales read the letter sent by the Secretary General of the RFEF to La Liga? Obviously NOT. Why is the Secretary General asking for clarification?”

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