Pau Gasol supports US La Liga plans

Spanish basketball player Pau Gasol has thrown his support behind plans from La Liga to play matches in the United States.

The San Antonio Spurs star pointed to American sports playing in Europe and a nod to the inevitable ‘internationalisation’ across all sports.

“To me the internationalisation of La Liga and playing a game in the United States is an interesting idea and one that should be taken seriously,” Gasol said at a presentation of his autobiography, as reported by Association Press.

“I don't know if it distorts the competition but I think there must be a long-term plan and fans need to be compensated.

“The NBA has been organising games outside of the U.S. for several years, I played in Mexico two years ago and they play two games in London each year and there's no controversy because it's the decision of the league.

“In football's case it's an expansion strategy. It's the most important market of the world and it makes sense if the players and clubs see it like this.

“It's a break with tradition, but the world is more globalised now.”

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