Vidal promises ‘to fight’ for Barca

New Barcelona midfielder Arturo Vidal has vowed he will ‘fight’ for Barcelona and adapt his ‘street skills’ to his new club.

The Chilean international arrived from Bayern Munich in a reported €20m deal earlier this summer and has promised he will give his all to his new club.

“My career has been based on my childhood upbringing,” Vidal told Barcelona media, as cited by Marca.

“I grew up playing football on the streets and my playing style is like that, you learn how to fight and that is a quality I want to bring here, to Barca.

“Nothing has ever been easy in my life, it was a tough childhood in a dangerous barrio with my mum bringing me and my five brothers up, it was always about battling and showing spirit.

“Now my life is totally different, but I will never forget those years.”

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