Atletico Madrid boss Diego Simeone has moved to clarify comments regarding Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, insisting he believes the Argentine is the best.

A leaked tape last month heard Simeone say to his assistant German Burgos: “Messi is very good, but he is very good because he plays alongside extraordinary players.”

However, Simeone moved to clarify the comments to reporters this weekend: “If I had to choose between Messi or Ronaldo, then I would most likely choose Messi.

“Yes, I said the opposite on the video, but that was a conversation between me and German Burgos, talking about football as everyone does about it.

“When I was speaking about Messi and Ronaldo in that conversation, it was not from the perspective of who is the best in the world.

“I just meant that if you have the chance to sign one of them for a normal club, with normal players, then Ronaldo would probably fit better.

“But with Messi, surrounded by great players, then Messi is better than Ronaldo.”

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