Ronaldo left Madrid due to tax – Tebas

Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid for Juventus because of Spain’s higher tax rates, according to La Liga president Javier Tebas.

The Portuguese star left the European champions in a €100m transfer earlier this month with the Spanish league chief citing Italy’s top tax rate of 46% compared to Spain’s 52%.

“Ronaldo will earn more money than Italy than here (in Spain) so we are at a disadvantage,” Tebas told an interview with Marca.

“It is a problem for us because it restricts us from competing in an international market, as players will make more in net in other countries than they do here.

“Spain is the worst of all the big leagues for tax purposes, as the players are losing big sums of money compared to elsewhere.

“We must question this because it is penalising us on what we have the potential to do.”

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