Rosell ‘in jail because of Barca job’

Former Barcelona president Sandro Rosell believes he is only in prison because of the high-profile nature of his old position.

The 53-year-old stands accused of assisting to launder €15m via tax havens between the years of 2007 and 2011 while he was arrested last year in relation to buying television rights for Brazil matches.

Rosell was Barca president between 2010 and denies any wrongdoing, while he was also stand trial in a separate case linked to Neymar’s signing from Santos in 2013.

“If I had not been Barcelona president, I would not be in prison,” Rosell told an interview with El Mundo.

“It is because of my former position that tax authorities are investigating a case that took place not only in another country, but which happened 12 years ago.

“There was no crime and the alleged accused have not claimed anything, the situation is bizarre.

“I will prove my innocence, I will tackle this situation head on to return to my entire family and my life in Barcelona.”

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