Suarez: Griezmann isn’t Uruguayan!

Luis Suarez hit out at Antoine Griezmann for claiming he felt Uruguayan. “You saw he wasn’t, he’s French and he scored against us.”

Griezmann did not celebrate his goal during France’s 2-0 win against Uruguay in the World Cup quarter-finals on Friday, the former Barcelona target having faced Atleti clubmates Diego Godin and Josema Gimenez.

However, Suarez said after the game: “You saw he wasn’t Uruguayan, he’s French and he scored a goal against us.

“As much as he says he’s half Uruguayan, he’s French and he doesn’t know how it feels to be Uruguayan.

“He doesn’t know what it’s like to deliver success with the small population we have. He’ll have his customs and Uruguayan way of speaking, but we feel differently.

“Cavani’s absence was significant for us because of the kind of player he is. He scored two goals in our last game, but those who played instead of him did so in the best way and gave their best for the team, so it’s not an excuse.

“Tabarez? Everyone knows what the Maestro means to the national team and Uruguay, for everything he’s done and all the respect he’s earned.

“I think what we have to do is value his work until now and hope for good news. France? Their first goal came from a foul after we lost the ball.

“Until then, the game was even. We tried to fix it in the second half, but then came their second goal.

“We always try to do our best. It’s said that you can always give a little more, but we’ve always given our maximum.

“After that, you can have a bad or good match, but we’ve given everything. I’m satisfied with our delivery and effort, as well as the pride we showed.

“We finished among the eight best teams in the world. Some great national teams went out and we had the privilege of going out as one of the last eight.

“We must value our effort and sacrifice, which was important.”

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