Jose Enrique reveals brain tumour

Former Newcastle United and Liverpool left-back Jose Enrique has announced that he has been diagnosed with a ‘rare’ brain tumour.

Jose Enrique hung up his boots last September after persistent knee problems, but the 32-year-old revealed for the first time that his retirement had been overshadowed by the life-threatening condition.

“I had a meeting with Chris Hughton, the Brighton Coach who I had during my time at Newcastle,” he told Marca.

“That night, the light was beginning to bother me. I got to the hotel and thought I had migraines.

“During the night, I had an awful headache and the next morning I started to have blurry vision.

“After that, I started to see double. My eyes were open and I’d see double. I had to go to A&E and, after nine hours there, they gave me a CAT scan.

“Neurologists saw me, and the tests indicated that a vein in my head had collapsed. They sent me to St. George’s Hospital in London, specialists in neurology, immediately.

“I spent two nights there. It’s a tumour located in a complicated area of ​​my head. It’s very rare, unusual.

“It was located behind my eye, that’s why I now wear an eye patch. I was even told that I could lose my vision.

“The doctors did an exceptional job, I was in intensive care for 24 hours and I’m very grateful to the work of Dr. Simal and his medical team.

“They were the worst days of my life. I stayed in bed for five days without moving. All this makes me value life ​​more.

“Footballers live in a bubble, it’s a surreal life. You get lost in it and you think you’re invincible. When you play football, you’re oblivious to everything.

“I can’t lift any weight, I can’t bend over, I have the bed adapted in a way that I sleep at a 30° angle so the blood pressure in my head does not rise…

“There are only four [radiotherapy] machines in Europe, my options are to go to Zurich or Paris.

“I need 35 sessions, which will take about a month and a half, although that’s the least of it. I want to recover.

“I was even told that I could go blind, but then I regained my vision and even the doctors were surprised.

“I want to thank my girlfriend, parents and brothers. Also to Dr. Simal, his team and La Fe hospital.”

The ex-Spain Under-21 international also turned out for Levante, Valencia, Villarreal and Real Zaragoza during his playing career.

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