Pochettino: Committed to Spurs

Mauricio Pochettino is ‘100 percent committed’ to Tottenham Hotspur, where he is ‘happy and proud’, and argues it is ‘not impossible’ to reject Real Madrid.

Pochettino was speaking at a Press conference for his new book, ‘A Brave New World’, where he was asked whether he would take the ‘brave’ step of staying at Tottenham – and rejecting the chance to become Zinedine Zidane’s Madrid successor.

“Look, seeing as everybody will draw their own conclusions of what I am about to say,” explained the former Espanyol boss.

“That what you just described is perhaps part of the vision I have right now. In any case, it doesn’t only depend on me. I have a commitment to Tottenham for the next five years.

“I am very happy to be at Tottenham. I’m 100 percent committed. Let’s enjoy this moment now and in the future see what happens

“I want to give my players the best of me so that I can bring the best out of them and all the rest forms part of life.

“Now I’m ready to go for lunch. No. Not to take over Real Madrid. I’m excited to come back to London.

“The project is exciting. I’m here now and the most important thing is the book. I understand the rumours, but that is our life.

“That is the sport we chose. That is the passion that translates to everyone. Right now I am so happy, so happy with my new contract I signed a few days ago.

“What will happen tomorrow? I don’t know. But I will always tell you. Football is football and ends up putting everyone in your place.

“As I explained before, the most important thing is to enjoy every single day. Life is very short and we need to spend the day enjoying life and not worry about what will happen tomorrow.

“I’m so happy and proud to be at Spurs and the trust that Daniel Levy has shown to me. And of course, we have a lot of dreams, and objectives.

“But for me the most important thing is to enjoy today. What happened over the last few hours have increased expectations of our book release. But what I can tell you is that I’m so happy at Tottenham.

“No-one says ‘no’ to Real Madrid? For you it’s impossible. You think? Yeah but you’re not me.”

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