UEFA: No final chaos repeat

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has promised fans there would be no repeat of the chaos of hosting a Champions League final in Kyiv.

The Ukrainian capital is hosting Saturday night’s final between Real Madrid and Liverpool with plenty of concern regarding the city’s accessibility and suitability for a hosting a game with such interest.

“First of all, Kiev was appointed as the host city for the Champions League final one day after I was elected,” Ceferin is cited as saying by ESPN FC.

“It was the only proposal, so we could just choose the only candidate…later, we changed the procedure. We have a strict bidding procedure. There are pluses and minuses to that, but the only minus is that it takes a political tool [away] from the president.

“For me the Champions League final – and, not just for me, but objectively – is the single biggest sports event in the world, so it has to be in places that are capable of hosting it.

“If that means that it goes more than once, twice or three times to the same big cities, it's still ok. It has to be the top of the top. It has to be user-friendly, fan-friendly.

“It has to be big enough that prices don't go sky high as has happened not just this year, but last year and in years before.

“It should be only in venues that are capable of organising everything, not just the match.”

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