Juanfran: No fear over penalties

Juanfran says he will have no fear over taking a penalty if required in the Europa League final against Marseille.

The right-back saw his spot-kick hit a post in the 2015-16 Champions League final against Real Madrid, but insists he will step up against the Ligue 1 outfit if called upon.

“If the boss tells me to take one I will do,” the defender told Radio Marca. “I’ve taken two for Atletico. I scored against PSV and it was all happiness, but in the final I hit the post and it didn’t turn out well.

“But I have no fear of anything if I get to take one.  I had to take one and that’s the way it went. These are decisions that have to be made in life and I always like to move forwards.

“I have no problem. We didn’t lose the Champions League final only because I missed a penalty.”

Juanfran was inevitably asked about the constant speculation surrounding Antoine Griezmann’s possible switch from Atleti to Barcelona.

“It’s normal there is so much commotion because he is Griezmann, one of the best in the world, who is a key player for us,” he said.

“My family and friends ask me about it but I always think he is doing well and is happy. We are all together and I don’t see it any differently. He is just focused on being among the best in the final.”

The Spain international was also invited to give his thoughts on a tough season for Diego Simeone’s men, which began with a transfer ban yet may still end up with silverware.

“We had a lot of problems because we couldn’t make a signing. The start was inconsistent and it cost us a lot to score and create chances.

“However, as the campaign progressed, after getting knocked out of the Champions League, we have managed to recover and get into another final to please our fans.

“We are second in the table and in another European final, which has cost us a lot to reach after a great semi-final against Arsenal.”




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