Morata opens up about injury ‘torture’

Chelsea striker Alvaro Morata has opened up about his ‘very difficult year’ in a revealing interview: “I had to inject myself two or three times a day”.

The Spain international described his pain as ‘unbearable’ and lamented how people ‘could not understand what I have gone through’ after continual back problems.

“This has been a very difficult year for me and it has been the same for Chelsea,” Morata explained to Marca.

“I have had an extremely difficult year, torturous. But it started beautifully, I was scoring goals and everyone loved me, but now everything has changed.

“People talk to me on the street but they do not know what I have gone through, the only people who know are my wife and my family.

“I have wanted to keep playing, to keep scoring goals but I have not been able to and what I have experienced medically is very difficult.

“I had to go to Germany several times to receive a treatment in which they punctured me in the back and it hurt me a lot, but I had to return to training in London the next day.

“I could not perform and before playing against West Ham I was told I would be a father – but I could not move. I told the doctor to inject me, and since then everything has gone wrong.

“When you are injured, you are injured. Period. I have tried to keep playing, to keep going, but I cannot.

“I have learned so much from this year, from all the suffering. I have come home from matches and from training, and could not stand the pain.

“I could be eating or driving and all of a sudden I had searing pains in my back, in my buttocks. I would have to stop because of the sciatic nerve.

“It kept coming back, the pain would not go away and I had to inject my self two or three times a day.

“I would love to go to Russia this summer and we could still win a trophy this season with Chelsea, the FA Cup has a lot of value here.”

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