Zidane: Three Finals ‘not normal’

Zinedine Zidane admits Real Madrid reaching a third straight Champions League Final ‘isn’t normal’ but feels it is testament to their ‘great history’.

“It was a crazy game, but at the same time it made great viewing,” UEFA’s official website quotes the Coach as saying after Madrid’s 2-2 draw with Bayern Munich on Tuesday.

“We need to congratulate Bayern for a great game. We started badly, letting in a goal. The second half was much better, we scored the second and played much better.

“In football you have to suffer and especially in the UCL. We know you can’t get to the Final without suffering, and it’s nicer this way. It’s not great for your heart, though!

”Benzema? I’m pleased for him. He wants to score and today he got two. He allowed us to get through, but he always works hard for us. Everyone is delighted for him.

”Benzema showed tonight he’s a great player, he never gives up and I’m happy for him. I defend him like I defend all my players. They give us joy and satisfaction.

”Keylor? He stood up to be counted. It was a tough game, he gave us a lot with his saves, but also when he came for crosses. He saved our skin a few times.

“We’ve won nothing yet. We’re in the Final, that’s all. It’s not normal to get to three Finals in a row, but as we’re there we need to try and win it.

“We’ll do everything we can in order to defend our title. To get there is great.

“This club has great history. We’re writing more now, as the club has done over the years. Madrid never give up.

“We had a lot of difficulties today against good opponents, but we believe in ourselves and we achieve things by that, and by fighting.

“I’m feeling great, securing a Final spot after such a great performance is great. This is why we like football.

“Through football we get to experience such beautiful emotions. We achieved it because we put in the work and believe in ourselves.

“We have the chance to defend our title now in Kyiv. We’ll give it our all to do so.

“The lads were great tonight, and I want to thank them and our fans, who were incredible tonight.

“Vazquez was at full-back and Modric helped out because Alaba and Ribery were always going to attack him.

“We suffered, but they played well. It was tough in the first half but in the second it was much better.

”It’s a Champions League semi-final. You will always suffer, nothing is ever easy. Football is like that, you have to suffer.”

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