Sevilla’s N’Zonzi sorry for partying

Steven N’Zonzi has apologised to Sevilla fans for partying after his side’s 5-0 defeat to Barcelona but reminded them players ‘have lives too’.

N’Zonzi’s decision to go out after the game was roundly criticised, given he was part of the Sevilla team who were trounced by Barca in the Copa del Rey Final, but while the Frenchman was sorry for his actions, he asked for ‘understanding’.

“I want to apologise to the Sevilla fans,” said the midfielder in a video on social media.

“I made a mistake because I went out after the game. It’s difficult for everyone, us too. We’re not happy with what we did yesterday.

“People must understand that it’s also difficult mentally for a player as we play every three days.

“For example, I live alone, I’m always alone at home, I go to training, come back, rest, have a siesta, while being always at home…

“Yesterday I had my family and friends with me and I went out because I think the most important thing is health. If you’re in good health, life doesn’t go badly for you.

“Yesterday was difficult for us all, the fans, ourselves, but people must understand. We got to the Final and we’ll keep going until the end of the season.

“I prefer the fans to say I didn’t play well over me going out yesterday. People must understand that we have lives too, and it’s difficult to stay focused and think only about football.

“I understand that I made a mistake, and for this I’m sorry to the Sevilla fans. I’m going to keep working hard and fighting on the pitch.”

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