‘Roma professional, Sevilla personal’

Roma sporting director Monchi has explained how their Champions League progress was a ‘professional’ joy whereas Sevilla was ‘personal’.

The former goalkeeper left his role at the Andalusian club after 17 years to join up with the Serie A side last season, but he insists the joy at successes are different.

“I have been asked a lot if the success with Roma is comparable to that with Sevilla,” Monchi explained to Radio Marca.

“But it is clearly different as the joy of Roma progressing was a wholly professional one, while the successes with Sevilla were more personal.

“Now my only thoughts for today are firstly to start preparations for the Derbi with Roma but my heart today is only with Sevilla in Munich.

“I want to be able to face Sevilla in the either the last four or the final but after you have defeated Barcelona, you can beat anybody.

“Did Barca underestimate us? No, I do not think so – they had a lot of respect for us. I spoke with their director of football over the pre-match meal and they had prepared thoroughly.

“Yesterday was a success for the fans, first and foremost, but for the players and staff too – for me, this is incredible to witness.

“I began to believe when De Rossi’s penalty went in, it was a historic night.”

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