Barca: Tebas comments unacceptable

Barcelona have condemned comments by La Liga president Javier Tebas in which he asked the club to respect Spanish symbolism.

Earlier this week, Tebas stated Barca fans must not disrespect the Spanish national anthem ahead of this month's Copa del Rey final, in light of the ongoing controversy surrounding the issue of Catalan independence.

Josep Vives, a spokesman for the Blaugrana, has condemned the comments as they do not believe they are beneficial to the situation.

“These comments are not acceptable from a person who represents this league and every club in it,” Vives is cited as saying by ESPN FC.

“We ask that he abstains from making these type of comments and focuses on his work.

“We demand that he focuses on what he knows: the economic and commercial organisation [of La Liga], which benefits every team.

“We also [demand] that he absolutely abstains from making comments like this, which are not in reference to his competition, nor do they help to generate a good atmosphere for the Copa del Rey final.”

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