Tebas calls on Barca to respect Spain

La Liga president Javier Tebas has called on officials not to hesitate in making tough decisions if Spain’s national anthem is disrupted.

The league chief was speaking in relation to this month’s Copa del Rey final when Sevilla take on Barcelona, in the midst of a political crisis in Catalonia with a continued drive for independence.

“We should not be afraid to implement punishments to stop discrepancies,” Tebas told El Debate de Hoy.

“If we need to stop the game then this should be done and if symbols, such as the anthem, are disrespected then this should happen.

“Article 155 (Spain’s national government launching direct rule on Catalonia) should be utilised if this is what is required in a difficult climate.

“We need to respect the symbols of our nations during all times.”

Barca are aiming for a fourth consecutive Copa trophy in the clash on 21 April.

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