‘Messi decisive with every touch’

Ernesto Valverde hailed Lionel Messi for being ‘decisive every time he touches the ball’ after he completed Barcelona’s comeback against Sevilla on Saturday.

“If you have Messi and he doesn’t play, it’s clear that he carries a lot of importance,” the Coach said after the game.

“He’s a decisive player every time he touches the ball. I’d planned to play him in the second half in any case.

“He has discomfort but hadn’t played for two weeks and it was necessary to play him so he could find his rhythm.

“We think he’ll be available on Wednesday, although we’ll see the effort he’s made today.

“La Liga? We don’t see it as ours yet, rather much less so. We want to compete until the end of the season.

“We showed faith, pushing to find the goal that would get us back into the match with our full-backs very high, hence our celebration, which showed the spirit of the team.

“It’s true that there was everything in the game. The first half was very tight, although they were dangerous on the break. Luis Suarez and Pique also had chances.

“We took a lot of risks in the second half, exposing ourselves to a third goal. We went looking for that goal that got us back into the game. Their counterattacks were very dangerous.

“By insisting with our game, they were forced back. We could’ve scored a third, but we drew and it is what it is. It’s true we found it difficult because they’re a good team.

“We’re not a team that let our opponents have many chances. Having gone 2-0 down so soon, it forced us to go forward.

“We’ll have to review what happened. We must be aware that every game acts as a reference for us and our opponents.

“The Copa del Rey Final? It’ll be very hotly contested.”

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