Machin: Madrid loss bittersweet

Girona Coach Pablo Machin has described his side’s defeat at Real Madrid as ‘bittersweet’ and he ‘did not come just to see what the Bernabeu was like’.

The Catalan club were playing at Madrid’s home for the first time in their history, having defeated the European champions 2-1 at their own home last October.

“It’s odd and bittersweet because when you lose you cannot be happy but we scored three goals in a stadium where many cannot do that,” Machin is cited as saying by Europa Press.

“We tried to be ambitious and go forward and we did that with success but I did not like how vulnerable we seemed and of course conceding six goals is not good enough.

“I did not just come here to see what the Bernabeu is like, but the positive for me is Real Madrid had a lot to do to score those goals.

“We found a Madrid who wanted to try everything to win the game as they wanted to show the first game against us was an accident, and whilst the two clubs are far apart – we made the gap look small.

“They have a budget 10 or 12 times bigger than us and many believe they have the best player in the world, so it is hard to combat that.”

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