Gomes ‘feels ashamed to leave the house’

Barcelona midfielder Andre Gomes has revealed he is ‘not enjoying’ football and sometimes ‘feels too ashamed to leave the house’.

The 24-year-old has struggled since his move to the Camp Nou from Valencia in 2016 and has opened up in a forthright and honest interview.

“I do not feel good playing…I’m not enjoying what I do,” Gomes revealed to Panenka.

“My friends tell me I am playing with the hand brake on and I know this is true, and it is bothering me why I cannot step it up from there.

“Things changed after my first six months and there was more pressure, which is fine but I’m too self-critical of myself…I’m a perfectionist and cannot tolerate my mistakes, it has become a hell…maybe that is not the right word.

“I cannot shake negative moments out of my head and it impacts on my performances and I am thinking too much.

“It leads me to feel ashamed and sometimes I feel that I cannot leave the house due to the shame and due to people looking at me.”

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