Valencia close in on CL, but…

Valencia closed in on Champions League qualification with a 2-0 win at Sevilla on Saturday, but Coach Marcelino urged them to stay grounded.

Rodrigo Moreno finished off a pair of Geoffrey Kondogbia assists either side of half-time to move Valencia 11 points clear of Sevilla in the race for fourth place.

“The victory was very tough and we had a tough time of it, but we also had the enthusiasm of beating our opponents, who are a great team,” Marcelino said after the game.

“We always had the idea of being able to win. The team had no doubts in their psyche.

“Still, we’ll only be a Champions League team once the fifth team mathematically can’t reach us.

“I only believe in things when they materialise. For now it’s a real possibility, but it's not definite.

“We can’t think that everything is done. Winning in the Spanish League requires a great effort and high level of performance.

“We need humility and restraint, as well as being aware that there are still 10 games left.

“In the second half, with the second goal, I don’t think we killed the game off because Sevilla have very good players and a win isn’t certain until the referee blows his whistle.

“We competed at a very high level. We have to be proud of the players and appreciate them.

“Kondogbia? He’ll have some tests. He has discomfort in the left hip. He doesn’t think it’s very serious, but the tests will determine how long he’ll be out for.

“I hope it won’t be for too long because he’s playing very well at the moment.”

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