Ramos: CL is Madrid’s ‘favourite’

Sergio Ramos is delighted Real Madrid “redeemed ourselves on the perfect occasion” against Paris Saint-Germain and in “our favourite competition”.

“The truth is that I’m very happy with the work of the team,” the defender said after the game.

“We knew it would be the perfect occasion for us redeem ourselves in our favourite competition, and we imposed ourselves, enjoying our football again and recovering the morale that let us enjoy so much.

“We hope it continues because we haven’t won anything yet. Stifling PSG? ZZ’s approach was very good, we prepared for it very well.

“They went up a lot and closed us down well, but they left space out wide and we took advantage of it. We were also clinical in front of goal.

“Comfortable progress? It’s never comfortable, even if it seemed that way. We needed a apply lot of intensity and physical effort.

“We knew that we couldn’t get too comfortable, even if we were ahead on the scoreboard.

“We wanted to keep doing damage. After their red card, we were able to control the game more. The truth is that it took a huge effort from us.

“Zidane’s the one who makes the decisions. He’s the one who works with us every day and knows what’s best in each game.”

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