Jemez: Las Palmas can beat Barca!

Paco Jemez believes his Las Palmas side are capable of defeating Barcelona despite the discrepancy in the two club’s budgets.

Los Amarillos have the lowest budget in the division while the Catalan giants have spent more than any other club in Spain and top the league, but Jemez has issued a rallying call.

“I have made it clear to my players that I will not forgive any cowardice, we must go out and give our all,” Jemez told his pre-match press conference.

“However, if I had the template to beat Barcelona then I would not be a Coach, I would be selling the formula to every other team!

“That being said, I will select a team who can compete against Barca and fans do not care about budgets, they just want to see their players compete in the best possible way.

“We want to show we have more ability and quality than we have in recent games and the players are not silly, they know they can give more than they have done.”

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