Tebas: Pique provoked Espanyol fans

La Liga president Javier Tebas has criticised Gerard Pique’s goal celebration on Sunday, believing it provoked Espanyol’s fans.

The Spain international made a shushing gesture towards the home fans after netting a late equaliser for the Blaugrana during the Catalan derby.

“Pique cannot be making those sorts of gestures,” Tebas told the media at El Mundo Deportivo’s awards on Monday night.

“We have seen the consequences of them and he is aware of this too, and before the goal we did not hear insults towards the player.

“To score a goal should be a fantastic moment but his provocation meant people then reacted, and sometimes it is the player’s responsibility to avoid these insults.

“We do not like to hear players being abused of course but fans should not be provoked, and if his actions are punishable or not, that will be decided by a committee.

“It is not me who makes these sorts of rulings.”

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