Ramos: Barca lead ‘pretty bad’

Sergio Ramos admits Real Madrid are enduring “one of our worst seasons”, while Barcelona’s 18-point lead on them in La Liga is “pretty bad” news.

Madrid squandered the lead twice to draw 2-2 with Levante on Saturday, with Ramos going from hero to villain as he opened the scoring, before his mistake allowed the Valencians to equalise.

“The team looked for the three points from the start, and when they drew level, we tried again,” the defender said after the game.

“We did the hardest thing, coming back again, but let the points escape in the last few minutes. When you don’t win, the mood in the dressing room isn’t pleasant.

“Mistakes? There are many things to analyse. When it seemed like were dominating, we had control… and then they were suddenly in front of Keylor.

“We have to look at it because in the Champions League, where we’re still alive, these mistakes condemn you.

“The League is complicated, but we’re going to try to finish as high as possible. It’s not normal to be this far behind Barça, which is pretty bad.

“We’ve dropped points in games that we controlled, but we remain in the Champions League.

“It’s been one of our worst seasons, but we need to stick together in situations like these. It’s the only way we can do something in the Champions League.

“Levante’s second goal? It bothered us all, but when you do something complicated like coming back and taking the lead, you can’t end up drawing with five minutes to go.

“You have to draw on your experience, stop playing football and waste time… Still, Madrid are forced to play good football and we want to give a good account of ourselves.

“Reasons for our bad run? We’ll see, although if we knew what they were, we’d have solved them sooner.

“We have to stick closer together, not leave any spaces behind and be a unit at the back. No-one must be singled out.”

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