Pozzo linked to tax fraud arrest

The arrest of Cadiz CEO and former Granada president Quique Pina for alleged tax fraud has been linked to Udinese owner Giampaolo Pozzo (pictured right).

The Italian businessman – who runs the Serie A club while son Gino is the owner of English club Watford – has been linked by Spanish authorities to the arrest of the high-profile Pina.

In what has been dubbed ‘Operacion Libero’, Pina was arrested for alleged tax fraud of up to €200m, with El Mundo reporting only 10% of player sales were registered with the authorities.

The paper cites a police source as saying: “Much of what can be attributed to him will depend on what was found in the search of his house and offices, made this Wednesday, and what appears in the electronic devices taken.”

Pina was Granada president between 2009 and 2016, which directly links him to Pozzo – whose family sold the club 18 months ago.

The judge involved in the operation is quoted as saying: “this is likely to reach relatives and people around who were used as frontmen and, for sure the Italian Giano Pozzo – Pina’s main partner – who currently resides in London.”

The reports conclude that no club itself is under investigation by the authorities, but rather the individuals themselves.

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