Correa: Football is my escape

Atletico Madrid forward Angel Correa has revealed how football helps him ‘escape from everything’ after losing his father and two of his brothers.

The Argentine’s deeply personal interview gave an insight into how important the sport is to him, having established himself in Diego Simeone’s side this season.

“Football has always provided me with joy and an escape from everything,” Correa told El Enganche.

“My dad passed away when I was just 10 years old and football was the one thing to take away all my bad feelings, and it was the same when both my brothers died. It helped me to forget.

“Whenever I play football and go on the pitch I forget all of the pain and I just want to enjoy myself with my teammates, whether that was at Rosario or Atletico.

“I feel now that I should be giving back for the life we had, the first time I received my wages from my agent I gave it all to my mum as we needed to have money to eat.

“To be able to help out was always my dream.”

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