Guardiola hails Silva longevity

Pep Guardiola has hailed the longevity of David Silva’s excellence at Manchester City and believes there are many more years to come.

The Spain international is in his eighth season with the club and is reportedly close to signing a new deal at the Etihad Stadium.

“What I like the most with David, being a guy who is a little bit serious in his life and a little bit shy, is the fact that he has survived so well in this league,” Guardiola told reporters, as quoted by Diario AS.

“I like how competitive and aggressive he is in winning duels. He's a guy who is normally more technical, and more about the pass.

“I admire him a lot because he suits Spanish football perfectly but he's survived for a long time with the speed, the weather, the tough conditions here.

“He looks skinny and he looks like he doesn't run too much, but he's never injured and every three days he's fit and there.

“It doesn't matter if we play an important game, a friendly game, bigger stages, or small stages, he's always ready.

“I like the guys who are like this – strong and want to play – but I like guys who are not afraid to play. With David you have that a lot.

“I pay a lot of attention to how players react in the bad moments during the game or during the bad situations.

“David is always there. I'm not talking about playing well or badly, but he will always be there. So that's why when he can finally sign the contract we'll be so happy.”

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