‘La Liga’s wanted VAR for years’

La Liga president Javier Tebas insists his organisation have been pushing for VAR technology for two years but this enthusiasm has not been universal.

Sunday’s top-of-the-table clash between Valencia and Barcelona was overshadowed by Lionel Messi’s goal not being awarded due to lack of goal line technology in the division.

La Liga is the only major European league not to have the technology, with a reported impasse between the division and the Spanish FA.

“Everybody in Spain knows that was a goal, so of course I saw this also,” Tebas told reporters, as quoted by Marca.

“If I could not see that with the benefit of video replays then I am blind, but we are hopeful VAR technology will be able to solve these situations for next seasons.

“La Liga has been pushing for this technology for the last years and have worked hard on making others agree, as we have a real desire to bring it in.

“Of course technology still has problems, as it has done in Italy, Germany and Portugal – no one league has made a fool of themselves with their approach as its trial and error.”

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