Simeone: Griezmann needs support

Diego Simeone believes Antoine Griezmann needs support from the Atletico Madrid ‘family’ after his disappointing display against Real Madrid.

Griezmann was subjected to whistles from Atleti fans when he was substituted midway through the second half of Saturday’s Derbi stalemate, the attacker having gone a sixth game without a goal in La Liga.

“We’re not doing very well in the Champions League, regardless of what fate has in store for us, but we’re doing well in the Copa and very well in the League,” the Coach said after the game.

“We saw the team that we are in the opening 25-30 minutes. We were very needy after Barca won.

“[Madrid] also did very well and pushed up well on the left. The second half was a classic Derbi, in which either side could’ve won.

“Still, the clearest chances fell to Correa and Gameiro. [Madrid] then showed their football all over the pitch, but we worked very well collectively. We only lacked clarity in our transitional play.

“Whistles to Griezmann? What I feel and what I’ve always felt is that I’ll be with my family until the day I die, and I won’t change now.

“Griezmann below par? We all have to perform well. We can’t win with just a few players performing well. I always try to pick the players that the team need.

“Lucas? I hope he keeps playing with the ambition he’s showing. He plays with the heart of a fan and only needs to improve going forward.

“He has Godin in front of him at centre-back and Filipe at left-back, but if he keeps working hard and stays patient, he’ll have a great future ahead of him.

“Punishing family members that behave badly? Things are always resolved within the family and not publicly.

“Struggle for goals? There’s anxiety and a need for goals. Correa and Gameiro are doing very well, but [Correa’s finish] was just wide and Varane cleared [Gameiro’s] off the line.

“We all thought Correa would score, but I’ll take the 30 minutes of what we are, work, work, work and then talent at the end of it.

“Costa? I don’t think his presence has caused any problems. Two players will arrive and [the other forwards] can see that one of them will have to leave. That’s the most complex issue "

“Koke? He was playing as a central midfielder, who flew to the right-hand side. Generally speaking, there were some great performances: Lucas, Savic, Godin…

“It was an important match against important opponents.”

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