Marcelo: Few penalties not given

Marcelo claims the referee missed “a few penalties” during Real Madrid’s goalless draw with Atletico in the Derbi on Saturday.

David Fernandez Borbalan was accused of being too lenient with his officiating at Wanda Metropolitano, most notably allowing Lucas Hernandez to get away with a kick to Sergio Ramos’ face in the Atleti box, which resulted in the Madrid defender breaking his nose.

“Whether it was a handball or not, I was very far away from it, but it seemed to me that the ball touched [Ramos’] nose,” Marcelo said after the game.

“You have to ask the referee if Sergio crouched too much or Lucas raised his leg too high.

“The truth is that there could’ve been a few penalties, but I’m not talking about this anymore.

“There could’ve been three or four penalties, but what do I know? These things happen in football, although I saw Ramos and [his nose] looked very bad.

“Ten points behind Barca? What we have to do is not think about the 10 points and try to win all our remaining matches.

“Problems between Cristiano and Ramos? All you guys do is ask questions like these. I don’t have to know if they’ve fought. I just want to play football.

“Injuries? We have a big squad, but all the players have to be available so that the Coach can count on everyone.”

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